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1.Beijing Foreign Studies University ranks No. 1 in language teaching in China.

2.Beijing Foreign Studies University ranked 191 in the world in 2009 - QS Top Universities 2009 Ranking and ranks.

Education Concept

1.American-based business management curriculum, partnered with Chinese studies (Chinese    language, Economics, cultures, laws and social studies).

2.Program is focused on making students responsible, ethical business leaders.

3.Latest thinking - regular lectures and seminars by business leaders and visiting scholars.

Education Pattern

1.English instruction for all classes and discussions on contemporary business issues.

2.International student body with multi-cultural study and living environment.

3.Learn from the vast knowledge and experience of our international faculty from top universities around the world.

4.Chinese language is part of the curriculum – take advantage of internships, local culture and employment opportunities.

5.Internship and employment opportunities in leading business organizations in China.

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